Inquiry Financial

Inquiry Financial was founded to address a problem faced by all equity investors: the flaws inherent in the construction of consensus estimates. Our success has been founded on adopting a radically different approach to the one used by existing data providers. With offices in Stockholm and London, our clients include leading international hedge funds, equity research firms, investor relations teams at a wide number of the largest corporations, as well as many of the most sophisticated and demanding investors in the world.

Why use IF Consensus Estimates (IFCE)?

Inquiry Financial Consensus Estimates (IFCE) gives you access to the cleanest, most granular and most timely consensus estimates available in the capital markets today. With advanced charting capabilities and seamless integration of reported fundamental data, users can view a uniquely synchronised time series of historic and forecast data.


Please visit our company page Inquiry Financial Europe ( Regarding Datasales or partnerhips, please contact our CEO Daniel Andersson.


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